Unmasking the Adversary

Psyber Labs has over six decades of combined experience in national security and criminal case analysis, consultation, and management. The Psyber Labs team is uniquely trained in psychological information operation stratagems and has unmatched operational experience in analyzing hostile nation-state and terrorist, cyber-criminal, and asymmetric threat group information operation methodologies and strategies. Through their experience assessing and countering these threat-actors, Psyber Labs has developed and refined a systematic, evidence based, and fact-driven approach to assessing adversary behaviors.

Adversary use of deception, particularly in cyber and online contexts has dramatically evolved in recent years. With exponential methods of covert communication, malicious code, data exfiltration and methods of manipulating human decision making and defenses - cyber vectors of attack are now the primary method that threat actors choose for impacting target organizations.

As a unique hybrid cyber psychology risk assessment team, Psyber Labs leverages behavioral profiling, operational psychology, cyber security and counterintelligence expertise from years of experience in the FBI, United States Intelligence Community and United States Department of Defense to provide unparalleled: