About Us

Cameron Malin, JD, CISSP, Co-founder and Director of Behavioral Profiling, is a Behavioral Profiler and former Supervisory Special Agent/Behavioral Profiler with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); he has over twenty-two years of experience investigating, analyzing and profiling cyber adversaries across the spectrum of criminal to national security attacks. During his tenure in the FBI, he was the founder of both the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit’s (BAU) Cyber Behavioral Analysis Center (CBAC) , the FBI BAU's methodology and application of science-based behavioral profiling and assessment to national security and criminal cyber offenders—and the BAU’s Deception and Influence Group (DIG), a uniquely trained and experienced cadre of Behavioral Profilers specialized in analyses and countermeasures to adversary cyber deception campaigns and influence operations. He is a co-author of the authoritative cyber deception book, Deception in the Digital Age: Exploiting and Defending Human Targets Through Computer-Mediated Communications (published by Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc.) and co-author of the Malware Forensics book series: Malware Forensics: Investigating and Analyzing Malicious Code, Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems, and Malware Forensics Field Guide for Linux Systems (all published by Syngress, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc.).

Dr. Matthew Canham, Co-founder and Director of Human-Machine Psychology, is a former Supervisory Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), he has a combined twenty-one years of experience in conducting human-technology and security research. He currently holds an affiliated faculty appointment with George Mason University, where his research focuses on the cognitive factors in synthetic media social engineering and online influence campaigns. He has provided synthetic media threat awareness training to NASA (Kennedy Space Center), DARPA, MIT, US Army DevCom, the NATO Cognitive Warfare Working Group, the Misinformation Village at DefCon, and the Black Hat USA security conference.

Kirk Kennedy, Ph.D, Co-founder and Director of Operational Psychology, served as both a clinical psychologist and as a consulting psychologist providing operationally focused case consultations for DoD, CIA, and FBI for over three decades. His portfolio included counterintelligence, counterterrorism, cyber behavioral analysis, behavioral threat assessment, and personnel assessment and selection. Since then he has worked on a variety of contract initiatives within DoD, the military, and private entities to provide independent psychological consultation on management and mitigation of insider threats, behavioral threat analysis, personnel assessment and selection as well as training programs and research projects.