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Deepfake & Synthetic Media Assessment

The Deepfake Dashboard™ is an unprecedented hybrid SaaS platform that assesses user-submitted media files (text, audio, image and video) and URLs through the Psyber Labs Deepfake & Synthetic Media Analysis Framework™ (DSMAF) to derive motivations, intentions and adversary targeting processes from identified deepfake content. The DSMAF is a rich a set of psychological, sociological and affective influence factors and sub-facets, that when holistically applied, inform the motivations, intentions, and targeting process in synthetic media and deepfake propagation. While detecting deepfake content is important, understanding why it was created is paramount to mitigating risk, identifying, assessing and preventing threats. Deepfake Dashboard™ output provides users with deep, actionable insight, including:

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Cyber Behavioral Threat Assessment

With the vast advances in computer, mobile, and online technologies, visibility into an offender’s thought processes and decision-making trajectory has been markedly enhanced. Digital behavioral artifacts, or digital evidence “breadcrumbs” of an offender’s behaviors, are now often left in publicly accessible locations on the Internet—such as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—and in location not privy to the public—such as the offender’s technology devices (cell phones, computers, etc.).

Cyber Behavioral Threat Assessment (CBTA) is about people: individuals of concern and their behavior, particularly when there is a direct nexus to the offender’s use of technology or online activity to accomplish or facilitate a cyberattack, espionage, theft, or violence. CBTA focuses on a specific individual, evaluating any threats made or posed, and the development of a plan for mitigating or managing the threat/s.

CBTA is:

An evidence-based, fact-driven, systematic approach to identify, investigate, assess and manage potentially dangerous or information compromising situations and determine how likely the person of concern is to carry out the kinetic or cyberattack.

An investigative and consultative process to distinguish between an individual who makes a threat versus one who poses a threat.

A way to identify someone who has the potential for violence, theft or espionage through their use of technology or online activity.

An in-depth assessment and consultation process that allows the client / stake-holders to implement an intervention, supervision, and / or monitoring plan to prevent a cyberattack / espionage / theft / violence where possible, and to reduce and mitigate the impact of the situation.

An assessment of the person and situation based on the totality of the information that is reasonably available, to determine whether the person or situation poses a threat of cyberattack / espionage / theft / violence

Management of the threat by providing an in-depth consultation that allows the client / stake-holders to implement a comprehensive plan involving an intervention, supervision, and / or monitoring to prevent cyberattack / espionage / theft / violence where possible, and to reduce and mitigate the impact of the situation.

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Cognitive Security Assessment

Over the last decade there has been a troubling escalation in malignant online influence, deception and disinformation efforts to shape target audiences’ attitudes, values, beliefs and actions. “Cognitive Security” is a term that refers to efforts to protect people from the exploitation of cognitive and other human vulnerabilities, helping them make informed decisions that are free from online deception, manipulation and undue influence. Cognitive Security is an important enhancement in existing information security policies and practice, serving to mitigate and neutralize a cyber adversaries’ information operation kill chain. With a combined six decades of advanced cyber adversary analysis, information operation and countermeasure experience, Psyber Labs help clients identify these vulnerabilities and develop plans for risk mitigation.

Looking to mitigate the cognitive security vulnerabilities in your organization? Would your organization benefit from world-class cognitive security training?

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Narrative, Trust and Perception Monitoring

Trust is a primary psychological and social construct in reputation and relationship—it is confidence that a person or group has expertise, credibility and reliability.

User-generated content, social media and the dark web pose fast-moving challenges to maintain comprehensive insight and control over your organization’s trust reputation. Trust in your business is quickly undermined by:

Reputational damage caused by a data breach of sensitive customer or personal data

Misinformation Disinformation Malinformation

Negative media coverage

Smear campaigns

Competitors' negative advertising

Residual effects from third-party vendors that suffer from reputational damage.

Psyber Labs can assist in preserving, and protecting your business reputation through the active monitoring of online narratives that shape perceptions of your business.

Concerned that an adversary has created a narrative to damage your brand? Through Psyber Labs Narrative, Trust and Perception Monitoring service, we can help re-establish trust in your business through a comprehensive plan to shore up your reputation online and develop strategic counter-narratives.

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Creative Cyber Countermeasures

During and after a cyber-attack, victim response in managing and remediating the attack is critical. While data restoration, continuity of operations and legal notification requirements are rightfully prioritized, how an organization manages the information space surrounding the attack is often not meaningfully addressed. Psyber Labs helps by creatively constructing countermeasures ranging from public relations campaigns to increased cyber-security. Training tailored to the needs of the situation is often offered.

Assess information space and organizational perception damage

Formulate effective, strategic responses to the attack

Strategic psychological, social influence and deception strategies to mitigate being targeted.

Public relations campaigns and strategic messaging

Tailored Training

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Deception Academy

Psyber Labs has multiple decades of combined experience in assessing and countering denial and deception practices. Unique, specialized training options are available to assist your company in developing expertise in this important arena.

  • Introduction to Deception
  • Intermediate Deception Theory and Practice
  • Advanced Deception Theory and Practice

  • Disinformation Essentials
  • Advanced Disinformation Principles and Defenses

  • Influence and Information Operations Essentials
  • Advanced Influence and Information Operations

  • Deepfake and Synthetic Media Essentials
  • Deepfake & Synthetic Media Analysis Framework (DSMAF) Analysis
  • Deepfake Kill Chain Analysis

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Understanding cyber threats, attacks and information operations often requires getting evidence and data from people who have direct knowledge of these matters. Frequently, the best information about cyber threat actors and the attacks they have conducted is held by other individuals who are in position to witness the activity or communicate with the threat actors. Cyber HUMINT, or human sources of information in online environments, is vital to build or augment full understanding of a cyber threat, attack or information operation. For over two decades Cyber HUMINT was mostly considered an information gathering process for law enforcement, military or intelligence agencies. Only recently has private industry become more open and vocal about the benefits of Cyber HUMINT to enhance capabilities.

Psyber Labs has a combined six decades of advanced Cyber HUMINT experience across criminal and national security investigations, including both online and in-person engagement and elicitation of information from human sources. Our Cyber HUMINT service provides your team with the strategies and tactics to effectively approach, engage and gather information from online human sources in a legal and ethical manner.

Looking to proactively enhance your organization’s aperture into cyber threats through Cyber HUMINT?

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